With its continuous development, PT. Wijaya Karya Industry & Konstruksi encourages the Company to manage human resources (HR) as a Company asset (Human Capital). The implementation of human capital management will certainly support the achievement of the Company's vision, namely to become a trusted and environmentally friendly Steel and Automotive Engineering, Production, Installation (EPI) Company.

The implementation of human capital business activities and processes is always based on AKHLAK culture and values (Trustworthy, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive, Collaborative), and aims to attract, develop, and retain WIKA IKON's human capital assets who have the character of "Self Motivated People" marked with the attitudes/behaviors as follows: adaptable, persistent, and always driven to learn and develop themselves (learners), as well as having high work engagement and loyalty to the Company (employee engagement).

The implementation of human capital management is very important because the presence of employees provides a strategic function for the Company. Of course, it must be in line with fulfilling employee welfare and providing employee development programs including education and training. In the application of human capital management, in which the employees are Company assets, employee management is carried out by applying the rating concept. Judging someone means recognizing someone as a whole human being both physically and psychologically. An individual's assessment is believed to be able to foster appreciation, happiness, morale, and a sense of belonging to the company so that in the end it will encourage the creation of superior performance.


WIKA IKON melakukan pendekatan HCM sebagai suatu sistem dirancang untuk menciptakan keunggulan kompetitif yang berkesinambungan melalui pengembangan karyawan. Tidak semua peran penting dalam suatu Perusahaan memiliki derajat yang sama dalam menciptakan kepuasan pelanggan dan pemegang saham.

Grand Design & Human Capital Development System