To be able to create a company that is trusted by stakeholders, has superior performance, and grows sustainably, it is necessary to apply the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in every business activity.

By adhering to this commitment, the Company has always kept in touch with the developments of best governance practices that apply in the national, regional, and international realms relevant and appropriate to their needs. This is part of PT Wijaya Karya Industri & Konstruksi’s commitment to encourage the establishment of a strong and independent company.

The implementation of corporate governance in the internal and external environment of the Company is expected to provide benefits, including:

  • Reducing agency costs, which are the costs that must be borne by shareholders due to delegation of authority to management;
  • Reducing the cost of capital;
  • Increasing the value of the company's shares in the public eye in the long term;
  • Creating support from stakeholders within the Company for the existence of the Company and various strategies and policies pursued by the Company.