GCG implementation both in the company's internal and external environment has a positive impact on the company's success. PT Wijaya Karya Industri & Konstruksi strives to continue to maintain its integrity in implementing GCG commitments in order to achieve business goals that are adaptive, developing and sustainable as well as competitive. To support these efforts, the company implements good GCG practices in the company's work environment, which inlcudes:



  1. Optimizing added value so that the company can have strong competitiveness, both nationally and internationally, so that it can maintain its existence and sustainable competitiveness.
  2. Encouraging professional, efficient and effective company management as well as empowering functions and increasing company independence.
  3. Encouraging companies to make decisions and carry out actions based on high moral values and compliance with laws and regulations, as well as awareness of the Company's social responsibility towards stakeholders and environmental sustainability.
  4. Improving a conducive climate for the development of national investment



  • Signing of the Integrity Pact
  • Updated GCG Manual
  • Updated Manual of Directors – Board of Commissioners
  • Updated Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Having a member of the Board of Directors responsible for the implementation and evaluation of GCG
  • Submission of LHKPN (Report of Assets of State Organizers) in a timely manner
  • Gratification Control Program
  • Dissemination and Internalization of GCG


The implementation of company activities is inseparable from the relationships and interactions of stakeholders and other parties. There is always a risk of having conflicts of interest to occur in any relationship and interaction, which might be unavoidable between one party and another.

The importance of managing this Conflict of Interest is to create the interests of good corporate management and to create harmonious relations between stakeholders. These guidelines are aligned with the Code of Corporate Governance and the Code of Conduct, as well as the values and culture that apply in the Company.

This Conflict of Interest Guidelines will be disseminated and its implementation evaluated, in accordance with the development of the company and the development of the company's business and operations to all employees.